1.Kai Z Feng for GQ Italia. loafers + ties + tailored cropped pants.
grungy looking guys styled like this are my favourite.
Kai Z Feng takes some amazing photos aswell
2. Zac Posen Spring 2009.
the hair, make up and jewelry for this show was unreal.
i want to try this hair style out.
3. Missoni Fall 2009.
love the knitwear hoods, layers
and the patterned point shoes.
the whole collection looks really comfy and warm.
4. I need glasses to get my drivers license /see again.
i love these ones designed by dita von tese,theres so
many great styles. I think im going to go with the honey tortoise-shell ones,
they appear to be the most classic and timeless.
Im not sure whether to go with the round or square style though?


Queen Of Russia said...

That missoni collection is incredible...

Just wanna get wrapped up...


-Ana, heavymetalfashion

TIANA said...

the frosty lips are so bold. definitely hard to pull of but amazing.


C.Chico said...

that lipcolor is insane, i love it

thischicksgotstyle said...

Gorgeous pictures and those glasses are amazing!!

chantelle said...

I love, that you love, long hair!
It makes me <3 your photos even more. especially the spanish lolita looking ones!

Yuka said...

all quite lovely. esp the boys. haha

cherie said...

ooh i would love to get my hands on the dita von teese designed glasses!

Kaila said...

theseee are fantastic!

Felicia said...

Just got new glasses. It's a jungle out there. I think the ones with the black frame will look great. I really like your blog, btw!

cocorosa said...

I love your picks, I love the boys! (of course) :) love the missoni! and I really want to try those lips!!! :)

Lenaa said...

The first pic, the guy with his ears pierced.. YOU SEE HIM SERIOUSLY everywhere now! The former G-star-campagne, Converse, The italian Vogue and Elle from a month ago (or so) and so on and so on..
The the backstage-model-pics, they look really awesome..

love your blog bdw..


F Blog said...

woah.. loving these specs.. need new ones asap..
and uhhh why can't all guys dress like that?

Le fran├žais parisien said...

I'm not sure about the purple lips.. But the earrings on the other hand are a m a z i n g! And the last pic is great!

A.n.E said...

ooo thank you so much - the Missoni collection is like a breath of fresh air from this sluggish depressing winter weather

yes the glasses are a NEED!! one's gotta see right? it's a tough choice....i'm leaning just that slightly towards the suqare ones.

Kaela said...

mannn... the third guy along in the first picture is WTF-hot!

...also loving the hotted up white trash feel of the massive silver earrings and big hair!

xo k


blacktobianco said...

damn my perfect eyesight!